Friday, 26 August 2011

lace inspiration

Lace parasol  - created by Lenta

I've been browsing a lot online this week and keep getting drawn to the gorgeous lace designs that are out out there right now. So I thought I'd share a few inspiring projects with you that have taken my fancy. First, this beautiful parasol on Ravelry - I love how it uses such a simple motif to achieve such complexity in the overall design. And, of course, it makes me want to try and deconstruct the pattern so I can gauge the tension and construction elements to create a new design of my own.

You may remember I attempted something like this not so long ago and after several attempts of working out the tension for the filet, clusters and shell sts, it got abandoned and now sits languishing in a corner. But now I'm fired up again and ready to have some hooky fun. I think I should have used the proper crochet cotton  as the sock yarn gave it a fuzzy look, not crisp and clean like I wanted so I'll have to rummage and see what I have to get started. Anyway, it will probably take me a little while to work out the pattern construction, which gives me plenty of time to get some cotton and do a bit of creative dyeing too. Yay!

Spanish peacock shawl -  by MandaKR

The other beautiful design I found was this fine 2ply lace shawl  - just wow! The actual pattern is designed by the amazing Meg Swanson called Spanish Peacock Shawl and this version is just stunning. I've always appreciated these circular shawls but haven't been tempted to make one till now. But I should really be thinking about making presents for that major event at the end of the year - don't want to mention xmas quite yet:) Not when I'm still hoping for a little late summer, lol! Still, this has jumped pretty much to the top of my to-do list. 

Now, let's work out that crochet lace - chains, clusters and most importantly tension:) see you all soon, hopefully with a little more regularity than the rest of this month!

A happy, creative day to you all! 
elaine x


  1. Wow! No wonder you are inspired! Those are gorgeous :)

  2. gosh that parasol is BEAUTIFUL. Completely useless for someone like me (I can just imagine myself swanning through the business district under it); but gorgeous.

  3. Thanks everyone:) The actual occasions you could use them would probably be limited :) I don't think I live in the right environment for a parasol either Kit!

  4. hi, I'm doing exactly the same pattern but in 5 parts for a layer and I only six runs to complete missing!

    1. Hi Cindy, I was full of good intentions to make this but it hasn't happened as yet. It is so beautiful though, worth all the making. Yours will be stunning when it's finished - love to see it!

  5. I found this on Pinterest, and your drawing is just fantastic! I love the parasol, it is indeed inspiring.


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